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vlan setup - dlink managed switch setup | dgs-1210-28 (tutorial)

Buy Managed Switch:-
d-link dgs-1210-28 :

vlan setup - netgear managed switch setup - gs724tp (tutorial)
vlan setup - configuring vlans and trunking - dlink - netgear (tutorial)

In this video I am showing you how to configure vlan in d-link switch dgs-1210-28. I have pcs which are connected through ethernet cables to managed switch. I will setup vlan for different department.

This video covers the following topics......
1) vlan configuration step by step
2) vlan setup
3) vlan tutorial
4) vlan configuration step by step in hindi
5) vlan in networking
6) vlan switch configuration
7) what is vlan
8) switch configuration step by step
9) switch configuration
10) switch setup
11) managed switch configuration
12) manageable switch configuration
13) manageable switch configuration in hindi
14) network switch configuration

Gadgets Used:
Redmi Note 8
Boya Mic
Lenovo ThinkPad E14

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My Pc Support
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My pc support channel is for all group of people working in IT industry , these videos help to those IT persons who faces technical trouble in daily routine job. My pc support help you to build computer knowledge specially for freshers who wants to make career in IT field. For regular technical videos don't forget to subscribe now pls open the link for more interesting videos
Sohail Aslam : Very simple and informative tutorial. Do we need to setup vlan tagging or inter vlan routing on this Dlink switch? Do we need to setup trunk ports?
Antonio Rodrigues : A quick question. Instead of computers connected in vlan 1 and Vlan 2 i can use another unmanaged switch where i can connect pc and access points to extend the clients right ?
Anup Kumar : Hi sir,
I have dlink DES 1210 08P
I need to configure VLAN for my small office. My office systems will be divided into 2 networks i.e. office and store. As per my requirement both the networks are not allowed access data shared on each other network but want to give internet access to both the networks. Can you please help to for configuration on both networks??
Biswajit Das : the lecture is very nice and you tought in a very nice way.Thanks ............
aditya prakash : Very useful information. I'll try to configure tomorrow...


Alpha Madiou Bah : sir can you explain why there is two different tagging columns in 802.q vlan settings?


It appears to work different from cisco CLI....
ITsomalia : where are the access ports ?
Predrag Šinko : And VLAN for clients is?
Vishal Tiwari : Voice vlan kaise hoga
v12345vtm : Where torrent download f ?

HOW to setup DGS 1210 -28 port VLAN SETUP

HOW to setup DGS 1210 -28 port VLAN SETUP

#DGS setup
#DGS configuration
DGS configuration
Charmed : How too acces and settup DGS- DLINK 1224T?? i have no cd




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