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Rvmen : I felt sad for Kim when he was slowly crawling
LiveYourBestLife : I think when it comes to making the funniest codm content, Parker the Slayer takes the cake! Great stuff bro. Poor Kim! He was gonna commit the ultimate sacrifice! He couldn't take the humiliation!
moh : In 3 minutes I'm sure there'll be over 1.5k views...we love Parker too much
Nightzhadow_Gaming : CANT WAIT FOR YOUR SEASON 9 CONTENT.Wish we could see a face reveal.Keep on going and i hope u notice me someday
Zack Gaming : 7:33 I feel for Kim

Nelítostný Parker 2013 cz

Tento obsah je pro verejnost tim nejsem odpovedny za veskery obsah tohoto obsahu.
dezider gulyas : Starý ale dobrý film
Roman Čermák : Super film
Vlastimil. Vanoucek : katastrofa dabing

Charlie Parker - Jam Session (1952) {Full Album}

"Jam Session" is an album compiled from a 1952 jam session which brought together three of history's greatest alto saxophonists; Parker, Johnny Hodges and Benny Carter, as well as Ben Webster and Flip Phillips on tenor sax.

Track listing

00:00 - 01. Jam Blues (Norman Shrdlu)
14:44 - 02. What Is This Thing Called Love (Cole Porter)
30:37 - 03. Ballad Medley
48:02 - 04. Funky Blues (Johnny Hodges)


Alto Saxophone – Benny Carter, Charlie Parker, Johnny Hodges
Bass – Ray Brown
Drums – J.C. Heard
Guitar – Barney Kessel
Piano – Oscar Peterson
Tenor Saxophone – Ben Webster, Flip Phillips
Trumpet – Charlie Shavers

If you want you can support the channel and help me upload more awesome jazz albums more often :)
myriam B : my daily quarantine routine consists of an hour of Charlie Parker everyday
thezenbum : Jam Blues
00:00  Flip Phillips on tenor sax
02:24 Benny Carter on alto sax
04:00 OP at the piano
05:18 Bird
06:53 Barney's guitar solo
08:45 the Brute
10:35 Johnny Hodges
12:42 Shaver's trumpet solo
Karyemaitre Aliffe, MD : One great thing about 1952, often overlooked, is that audio technology had finally advanced enough so that players were no longer stuck in the 3-minute recording box. For us listeners, it meant that the REAL Jazz experience, the after-hours, high-energy nightclub vibe could finally be captured as it really was. Imagine trying to fit a blues jam with all of these great players into three or four minutes...!
Some scholars say that the 3-minute box was the reason that Dixieland was invented~ everyone had to play at the same time just for all to be heard in 3 minutes! (just kidding on that part ;-)
Roosevelt Blow : My word... Oscar Peterson was an absolute beast on the keys.
Peter Cullen : I'm eighty and have been enjoying Norman Granz sessions ever since they were released. Never bettered to this day. Thank You, Lord.




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