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Pioneer CDJ-350 & DJM-350 Guide\r
Following our first introduction to the CDJ-350 and DJM-350 by Avicii (which you can view at, we now give you an in depth walk through of its exceptional set of features and incredible functionality. \r
Building upon Avicii's original introduction, showing us the BPM lock, looping, rekordbox functionality, mixer FX and USB recording functionality, we show you how to rip your old viny, organise your playlists and show off the incredible BPM lock with a lightning fast mini mix.
rey boxingfan : this is the BEST cdj going in terms of features and how i want to use the deck to enhance my mixing. The BPM lock is FANTASTIC ! i owned cdj 1000 mk3's as soon as they were released .. and they were awesome but everything they consisted of , for the price was unnecessary.Ive also owned the DVJs that are totally unnecessary.I highly recommend the 350. 350s are worth more then what they worth.Im not keen on the mixer cus i havent used it yet.But i found these better then the 1000 mk3s
computerschreck : Great CDJs, I've played on them a few times and I'd like to buy them myself. But they're just way too expensive :(
ccricers : After seen some other pro DJs scratch on it I feel confident on scratching and beat juggling with these. It has no jog display but I think you can get away with using the beat grid to know where you are on the "record" so to speak.
Luke Telfer : Got this set up... easy and fun to use... good beginner set up. I have mine set up with usb sticks and sometimes use virtual dj pro7. have had them for 3 months and would say anyone whos looking to start up to get this set up or if your looking for a cheaper option mayb look into the numark mixdeck. hoping to get a few small gigs in the near future!!
ccricers : I walked into a Best Buy and couldn't believe they actually had these on demo :P I thought they looked dull in the pictures but they're nicer when you actually see them.

CDJ 350 Review | Still worth buying today?

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bandiTA : Once I had a set of 350, then I bought another one instead, and finally I got back to them. you can have very good parties with them without difficulty. and if you connect software you know everything you need with a built-in sound card. the sound is very good thanks to the Burr-Brown Digital to Analog Converter. It is well worth what it offers not accidentally stayed in production at pioneer dj and avaliable after 10 years.
KAKE_dnb : Exactly the reason i got 350’s was to beat match by ear without waveform while using a club-like setup, the beat grid is enjoy and the vinyl design is pretty sexy.
Kush Tea : Or just buy the XDJ r1 for the same price as 1 CDJ 350, it’s basically 2 CDJ a with mixer & hot cues memory cues & sound colour affects
Fumfig : love me some anatolian weapons
Detective Pako : cdj 400 is way better

CDJ-350: BPM Lock

Dmitry Granicin : In Rekordbox and compatible players and controllers, this feature is expanded and you can have both sync and lock. This lets you dial in the BPM on the new deck, set it as master, turn BPM lock on the old deck, and transition to a new tempo without losing beatmatch. It might lock in with the quantized grid, but it's always better to keep an eye - after all, no software analyzes all kick drums perfectly.
Erik Westfield : Beat matching should always be difficult, it separates the good djs from the bad ones on clubs.. beatmatching is also the most focused and the most basic and important fundamental which makes djing so unique. The ones that hobby mixes is the bpm lock genius. For exmple at home parties
Iceferno Pro : @metalsinani I learned DJing in 2009/10 but still haven't managed to actually perform at an event. DJing shouldn't just be about mixing though. It should be about the crowd and the atmosphere you create for them. I'd like to DJ several genres, something I apply to producing also.

As for some names, I've heard that The Timewriter and Terry Lee Brown Junior (both Deep/Tech House DJs) use Traktor. Even so, I've seen some videos of them performing live and They do string great sets together.
Mr. Gonzo : I remember back in the days , when I learned to beat match, no Beat counter, no wheel, no auto sync, no beat lock .

That time we only used our skills.
Silverkiln Bulls : To be honest I've had these for a while and didn't even know how the bpm lock worked till now! Lol id rather just do it by ear.




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